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The new technology available today, which provides us with the option of printing our own photos and/or compositions directly on to fabric, has become an exciting new source of quilt and fabric designs.

When printing directly onto the fabric, the hand of the fabric is not changed, and it can be sewed into quilts and ironed on just like any other fabric.

When fabric is treated with certain chemical solutions, like for instance Bubble Jet Set, the ink from the printer does not wash out or bleed.
I made my first test prints using this product in the summer of 2000, and on this page I have written a little about how the prints came out on different fabric qualities, with different washing methods etc.

I also did a few fading tests, but they were rather disappointing, even when also using a UV filter. Later I did some new tests with the new pigment ink, with much more uplifting results.


Result of 10 years pigment ink test.

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