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Gallery 2005

photo on fabric portrait

Photo on fabrics portrait
Wallhanging approx 45 x 55 cm

Made as a gift to a relative.
Different parts of the portrait printed on various fabrics and then pieced together. The fabrics have sunset skies, sea birds, storm clouds, rain drops and slanting rain, flowers, rocks, and water puddles on them, and these patterns show through the printed photo.

Sewn and quilted by machine
photo quilt 'livets vev'

'Livets Vev' (Weaft of Life)
Photo quilt 85 x 85 cm

Made on commission
A photo of the recipients childhood home and neighbourhood is used as a backdrop, and photos representing relatives and memorable occasions are set into a grid resembling a weaving pattern.

'Børs og Katedral' (Market and Cathedral)
Pair of photo quilts 30 x 43 cm each

The quilts are made in the 'Inner city' pattern using dark, medium and light versions of the same photos.
To the left is part of a city center (Pike fish market in Seattle), and to the right is the mountain Hornelen clad in snow, - also called a 'Troll Cathedral' by Jakob Sande, one of Norway's poets.

photo quilt 'børs og katedral' photo quilt 'børs og katedral'
green chausuble for Frøya church in KalvaagA set of liturgical textiles in the green series was delivered to Frøya Church in Kalvåg in January 2005. They were used in the church for the first time in February 2005.
Click on the photo to see all of the series.

purple chausuble for Frøya church in KalvaagThe purple set for the same church was finished in November, and was used for the first time on Dec 4th 2005, just one week before the 140th anniversary of the church building.
Click on the photo to see pictures of all the parts in this series.

'A Blessing to the Village'
A commissioned quilt for an old peoples' collective. Read more here.

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