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90 x 125 cm
This is the first Bargello-style quilt I made. I found the pattern in "The Bargello Quilt Book" by Piecemakers, California. I thought the curvy pattern was rather eyecatching.
ormen lange
Click on the picture to see closeups and a photo series of how the top was made
Ormen den Lange
(The Long Serpent)
150 x 190 cm
This is my second Bargello quilt, which I designed myself. It is machine pieced and machine quilted.
It was shown at The National Patchwork Championships at Ascot, GB, in 1995, and at several places in Norway after that. It has been published in Popular Patchwork in 1995 and in Norsk Quilteblad in 1996

There is a pattern available now.
Ingunn bargello This quilt was made for my eldest daughter's 21st birthday in 1996.
It is a wallhanging, approx. 90 x 130 cm.
The pattern resembles fireworks which is reflected in the water.
"Flamme" 1996
"Flammentanz" 1997
These two quilts are very similar to Bargello quilts, only the fabrics are organized in a different way.
This quilt was made for my eldest sister when she turned 50. Click on the picture to see more details.

Below are the samples made for an online bargello course:

Autumn bargello
approx 39 x 41 inches

Table runner and pillow

There is now a dowloadable pattern for the Bargello Flame quilt below.
The pattern has instructions for the small quilt shown here, and for a bed size quilt.

Bargello Flame 1
approximate 22 x 30 inches

Bargello Flame 2
approximate 22 x 30 inches

Bargello Dancing Flames

Approximately 75 x 84 inches (185 x 210 centimetres)

An original bargello design where the flames seem to be dancing.

The pattern for this quilt is available for download here.

Quilted by Anne Rønningen at Quiltekammeret.

Downloadable pattern

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