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Here you can see some of my earliest quilts.
first quilt Log Cabin Quilt

The first quilt I ever made was this Log Cabin Quilt. It has lots of different fabrics, all scraps from clothing made for myself and the family.
This was before everything.... no rotaty cutters, rulers or mats, just me, my scissors, my pins and my sewing-machine.
In this piece I can see and still remember the blouse I wore the day we brought our youngest daughter home from the hospital, the drapings for the baby basket, the dress with dolphin prints on that our eldest daughter liked so well (she thought it was so appropriate that she should have "fishes" on her dress since her father was a fisherman), the curtains from my husband's first fishing vessel, and so on....
Bremanger Quilt
Bremanger Quilt: "From Sea to Glacier"
1990    160 x 190 cm

Click on the picture to see more details.
"Frå Hav til Bre"
("From Sea to Glacier")

This can hardly be called a quilt, as it is not quilted, just lined. So I prefer to call it an applique piece.
The piece is about Bremanger, the municipality where I live. From times immemorial fishing has been the main source of life support and income around here, and it still is important along with industry based on hydroelectricity.
isbre (glacier)
Isbre  (Glacier)
1993     115 x 130 cm
Isbre (Glacier)
was made in 1993 and was the first quilt I designed and made using quilt design software.
I didn't have a colour printer at the time, so I printed out the design in black and white - a useful lesson about values.
Sommar 93
1993     105 x 105 cm
Sommar 93
At this time I had discovered some international quilt magazines, and was of course impressed by all the beautiful works from around the world.
I thought Miriam Nathan Roberts' works looked interesting, and wanted to do something similar.
This meant I had to dig out my dyes from the seventies to do the gradations, and was tempted to do some old-fashioned tie-dyeing while I was at it.
We used to call the circular tie-dye-pattern "batikk-sol" (batik sun). Also, this was an especially rainy summer in these parts, the sun was almost never out from behind all the grey stuff, hence the title of the quilt.

My then teenage and almost-teenage daughters thought this dyeing thing was cool, and wanted to try for themselves. Having made some successful t-shirts, they invited their friends to dyeing parties (which doesn't sound quite so morbid in Norwegian, by the way), and everybody loved it. Here are some pictures from one of these parties.

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