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Flying Hearts

The Flying Hearts quilt is a work in progress at the moment. The blocks can be made into lots of different quilt designs by turning them different ways.

On this page are a few of the possible layout designs in different colour choices.

There will eventually be a full pattern for the quilt, but in the mean time I have the templates only ready for download here at a lower price.

Flying Hearts quilt

This layout has 5 x 5 blocks just as the quilt on the download page, but has a different setting which form diagonal wawy lines.

Flying hearts quilt

The same layout as the one to the left, but in different colours.

Flying hearts quilt

The hearts can also be made to go in circles just by turning the blocks around. This one has also 5 x 5 blocks.

Flying hearts quilt

Here is a 6 x 8 block layout in the same colours as the one on the download page.

Flying hearts quilt

Another 6 x 8 block layout in reds and greens.

Flying hearts quilt

A 6 x 8 block layout with dark background colours.

Download templates for the block.

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