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Commission for Bremanger Sports Hall

A new sports hall was opened in Bremanger in November 2006.
For this event, 'Bremanger Kunst og-Handverkslag' commissioned a wallhanging to be hung in the entrance area of the sports hall, where they had been assigned a wall space of approx 5 meters width (by standard height of 2,40 m) for the project.
Since the sports hall, in addition to sports activities, will also host many of the other cultural activities going on in the area, they wanted the wall hanging to reflect on the multi-activities connected with the hall.
The quilted wall hanging consists of two separate panels. Together they measure 2,75 m x 1,65 m.
Photos from various local cultural activities were put together and printed on fabric in two long vertical strips.
In addition, a few large photos were divided and printed onto several of the large patches.
A horizontal strip has photos from typical occupations of the area, both old and fairly recent ones.
Detail of lower right hand corner.
The two panels were quilted in a wavy pattern reminiscent of the municipality's coat of arms.
Some local songwriters are represented.
Photos from fishing and farming in the last century.
A few photos from modern fishing vessels and factories.
Sports and music.

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