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painting of Kinn by Karl Seim

Commissioned as a birthday present for a person who once lived on the island of Kinn, where the motif of the painting is from.
I received this photo of the painting via email, and immediately fell in love with the colours. I was looking forward to making this one all the time while I was finishing off some other projects.
choosing fabrics

The photo was printed out in full colour and hung behind my work table.
I searched through my stash for fabrics that might fit.
Batiks are excellent for landscapes.
cutting shapes for Kinn

In Corel Photo Paint I used a filter called Edge Detect to enhance the lines of the landscape. This was printed in A3 size and then traced the main lines with a permanent marker.
I used this master for tracing the shapes on Vlisofix, and cut out the different fabrics which were in turn fixed on to a foundation.

Sky and mountains taking form here.

Kinn sea and rocks

Auditioning sea, rocks, and reflections here.
It helps a lot taking a photo and then seeing it in a smaller format, as from a distance.
I had to guess on the details that were obscured by the reflection of the flashlight.

Kinn more reflections

Trying out more reflections in the water.

Since the painting had some heavy outlining, I chose to satinstitch the main features of the landscape, and then free motion stitch the lesser parts.
Kinn finished

I added a dark frame before the piece was quilted and bound.

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