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Greetje Hein

Greetje Hein from Holland has made many quilts from my patterns, and she has also written up a Dutch translation of many of my patterns. She always makes the quilts of the patterns she translates, so that she can get everything right.

Below is a photo of the stunning variation of the Ormen Lange bargello quilt that she has just made.

The Dutch translation of this pattern can be found here.

Greetje has also made this variation of Kameleon Quilt no 1 'Night and Day'.
She has used a special fabric and adapted it very well to the pattern, - and also the quilting design fits in well with the fabric.

Greetje has also made a Dutch translation of this pattern.

Kameleon Quilt no 1 Night and Day

Detail of the quilt:

Kameleon Quilt no 1 Night and Day detail

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