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Karin Fristedt from Västerås

Karin Fristedt

Karin Fristedt from Västerås, Sweden, has made this beautiful "Night and Day"-quilt.
Look how well the colours go with the beautiful green surroundings of her garden.
Karin showed her quilt at the Annual General Meeting of "Rickstäcket" (The Quiltes' Guild of Sweden) in Oct. 2002, and she says that it was admired and photographed a lot.

Chameleon Quilt no 2 'Christmas lasts till Easter' Chameleon Quilt no 2 'Christmas lasts till Easter'
This version of the Kameleon Quilt no 2 "Christmas lasts till Easter" was also made by Karin Fristedt from Västerås, Sweden. Chameleon Quilt no 2 'Christmas lasts till Easter'

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