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Kathryn Elford and Mary Rosenau

Dove Baptismal Banner

When I have designed something for a certain church, as a rule I do not make that same design for another church, or sell the design/pattern to others.

But there are exceptions to every rule, and this is one of them.

This winter Kathryn Elford of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, contacted me via e-mail. She was searching for a design for a baptismal banner to give to their church as a memorial of their youngest daughter, who had recently died from a genetic disease at only 18 months of age.

She liked the banner I had made for Berle Church, only it had to be enlarged to fit their banner holder.
With the help of other church members, we were at last able to transfer the enlarged file in a format that they were able to open and use. Family members donated fabric, and the banner was sewn and quilted by Mary Rosenau (to the left in photo above, Kathryn and her husband to the right).

On June 7th 2009 the banner was dedicated in their daughter Alana's memory at the Holy Spirit Lutheran Church in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Kathryn, who is of Norwegian descent by the way, sent me all these photos, and at the bottom of the page is also a write-up that was published in their Church Newsletter.

Thank you, Kathryn, for sharing both the photos and your story.

Banner Dedication

The Dove Baptismal Banner is given in loving memory of Alana Ruby Elford Nguyen.
Born March 15/07, baptized Sept 16/07, died Sept 19/08 (Zellweger's Syndrome).
This banner is a healing, tactile, visual reminder of our daughter and the resurrection hope we all have in baptism.
She is God's daughter and we will see her again. A banner can visually communicate this truth, just as the multitude of butterflies on the walls did at her funeral. It feels like such an honour to have its home in the church.

This banner hangs at one other church in Norway and was designed by Eldrid Royset Forde. Materials were kindly donated by Alana's family members on her grandma's side.
A special thanks to the quilter who kept the project alive, Mary Rosenau. Her help, passion, and speedy service in this project have been moving.

Thanks to all.

Kathryn Elford

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