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Margun Vatshelle's photo quilt

Margun contacted me about printing a photo onto fabric for a memory quilt. Below is the almost finished quilt, and Margun's story.

I have just made a signature quilt, or memory quilt, and working on it was very exciting.
The idea came to me last year when we were about to celebrate the 80th birthdays of my father- and mother-in-law. The celebration included a whole day of sightseeing, museum visits, and of course a splendid dinner in the evening. I thought it would be nice to have a visible memento of such a memorable day.

I had prepared some fabric pieces for the guests to sign. For this, I used muslin backed with freezer paper so it would be stable enough to write on. I provided Pigma pens for the guests to write with. Some just signed their names, while others added a drawing or a short text.

Then I had to decide which patchwork block to use for the quilt. The decision fell on Dear Jane block number D-13, - Field of Dreams. This block is often used in signature quilts.

When I was about to arrange all the blocks, I saw that a photo of the celebrating couple printed on fabric would fit nicely in between the blocks. I contacted Eldrid Røyset Førde and asked if she could do the printing for me. The photo came out very well, and the recipients were very happy with the finished quilt.

Margun Vatshelle

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