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Sophie Smeenk

Sophie Smeenk from Holland bought my Ormen Lange pattern and wanted to make a quilt for her son. In order that it should be big enough, she first added a narrow border, then expanded the quilt pattern outside of that border.

Below is a photo of the top before it is quilted:

Ormen Lange bargello quilt

Sophie writes in her e-mail to me:

"Hello Eldrid,

Last year I bought your pattern Ormen Lange, to make for my 31 year old son Sander, who completely fell for it when he saw it online and chose it as "his" quilt.
It was quite a labour of love, as the saying goes, because I've never made a quilt with so much administration! Luckily, being a Virgo, I'm reasonably organised and now I've completed the top. I thought maybe you would like to share the process in pictures, so I send you the link to my album:


And I would like to share a little joke with you: once when I was busy putting the columns together out of the different strata, my husband came in and (completely seriously) asked: "Have you been making so many mistakes, because all I see you doing is unpicking seams and then sewing them again?" : - )

As you see I added a very narrow dark blue border strip and then continued the pattern into the border, to make it a bit more spatial. 6 April I'm going to sandwich it and then it will be ready to quilt.

Anyway, it has been a joy to make and seeing the pattern coming to life, in the fabrics Sander chose himself!

Many thanks for your design!

Sophie Smeenk
The Netherlands "

If you want to see a photo documentation of the whole process, go to Sophies photo album here:


The Dutch translation of the Ormen Lange pattern can be found here.

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