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1995: National Patchwork Championships, Ascot, GB
1996: Norsk Quilteforbund
1997: National Patchwork Championships, Ascot, GB
1999: "First Horizon", touring in GB and Belgium
1999: European Quilt Championships, Veldhoven Netherlands
1999: Pacific International Quilt Festival, CA, USA
2000: Norsk Quilteforbund
2000: Nordisk Quiltetreff, Odense, Denmark
2000: Berle Grendalag
2001: Norsk Quilteforbund
2001: Smoky Mountain Quilters, TN, USA
2001: DS Foto Galleri
2003: Nordisk Quiltetreff, Sandvika, Norway
2004: DS Foto Galleri
2004: Dansk Patchwork Forening, Herning, Denmark
2004/2005: Primedia Gallery, Golden CO 'The Image and the Quilt'
2005: NQF group, 'European Patchwork Meeting', Val d'Argent, France
2006-2009: European Quilt Association 'Suitcase Collection'

1999, "First Horizon" Brugge, Belgium: Visitors' choice
1999, "First Horizon" York, GB: Visitors'choice
1999, Pacific International Quilt Festival, CA, USA: Honorable mention
2000, Norwegian magazine "Familien": First place

1995: "Popular Patchwork"
1996: "Norsk Quilteblad"
1997: "International Quilting Times"
1999: "Norsk Quilteblad"
1999: "Popular Patchwork" March/April and May
2000: "Norsk Quilteblad"
2000: "Familien"
2002: "Quiltemagasinet"
2004: "Norsk Quilteblad"
2005: Donna Kooler: "Encyclopedia of Quilting"

Tv shows:
2005: "Simply Quilts" episode 1116

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