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At Kameleon Tekstildesign you can see
quilts and patterns from Norway
by designer Eldrid Røyset Førde

Here you can see the unique Kameleon quilts which can change their looks by buttoning the three-dimensional flaps in different directions and in different combinations

Chameleon Quilt no 1 'Night and Day'
Kameleon Quilt no 1 "Night and Day" - these are just two of the many looks, - the flaps can be buttoned in millions of combinations.
At the Kameleon Quilt pages you can see and read more about the different Kameleon Quilts.

If you are unfamiliar with the Kameleon Quilt concept, go to the animated version to see how one of the quilts works.

Below is also a small video that shows how the Kameleon Quilt no 2 can change:

Across Nordkalotten photo quilt

In the gallery you can see photos of both new and older work. There are several Kameleon quilts,a few  bargello quilts, and also liturgical textiles.  
madonna with three dimensional flowers
pillows with stylized flowers   Blue Night quilt collage red chausuble for Bremanger church

Bargello Dancing Flames quilt
Downloadable patterns

We now have some patterns available for automatic download.

Bargello Dancing Flames bed quilt to the left.

The Mosaic Circles pattern to the right is also one of our downloadable pdf-patterns. The quilt consists of small pieces cut free hand from fabric strips and fused to a background in a circular pattern.

As we run out of printed patterns, some more of our best sellers are converted to domnloadable pdf-patterns.

Two more added October 2020.

Go here to see all our downloadable patterns, and to start the download process.

fabric prints coastal scenes from Norway
Fabric prints

Coastal scenes from Norway printed on cotton fabric.
Eight different motifs for sale

More information about the motifs.

Inspirational sources for the print motifs

Isrose 1 foto på stoff
Photos printed on fabric

Here you can see some quilts where digital images printed on fabric is part of the design, plus some information regarding the printing process.

Result of 10 years fading test.
Banner for Torvmyrane school - digital image printed on fabric

patterns for Kameleon Quilts

Patterns are available for some of my quilts.
There are patterns for all the Kameleon Quilts and a couple of bargello and applique patterns.
Some of the patterns have also been translated to Dutch and German.

All patterns are now available in German, including the "Ormen Lange" and "In my Heart"

Go here for patterns in Norwegian.

Easy bag with photo fabric panels
Free patterns

Easy bag with photo fabric panels.

Easy Advent calendar.
Foundation pieced crazy style heart block where you can include photos.
Instructions for making a design wall.

Calculator for calculating the size of setting triangles.
square in square quilt block

Blue Borealis Bargello quilt made by Ester Bruvik
Quilts made by others

from my patterns or during classes.
Ormen Lange Bargello quilt made by Linda O'Keeffe

Pages last updated on July 24th 2021

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