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Coastal Scenes from Norway

Printed on medium weight 100% cotton fabric.

Prints can be used in quilts, as an eyecatching motif on a bag, small wallhanging, a pillow, or on clothing like the back of a jacket.
Prints are 8 x 10 inches each with a half inch blank border all around.

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About the motifs
All six fabric prints have motifs connected to the age old way of making a living here on the shores of the North Sea. Every town and village along the coast bear some kind of witness to the long tradition of harvesting from, and preserving, the abundance of fish wandering to and from these parts of the ocean throughout the seasons, - a tradition that is still very much alive, although now with the help of safer and more modern boats, equipment and landing facilities.

fabric print Bremanger Fabric print # 201 Bremanger
A group of boat houses at Struen in Bremanger. Struen has a fairly large group of these older houses, some of them still in their original use.
fabric print ekkerøy Fabric print # 202 Ekkerøy
As traditional fish resources have decreased along part of the northern coast, another creature, the Kamtsjatka crab, has come wandering in from the east, and is now harvested by local fishermen.
This old sea house at Ekkerøy on the Varanger peninsula is now a fish restaurant, serving this delicious crab as one of its specialities.
fabric print henningsver Fabric print # 203 Henningsvær
At Henningsvær these wooden racks for drying fish can be seen everywhere both in and outside the village. They were a common sight all along the coast a few years back, but keep disappearing as more and more fish is dried indoors in a more controlled environment.
Their distinguished triangular shape has inspired the design of several churches in the area, including the cathedral in Tromsø.
fabric print kalvaag Fabric print # 204 Kalvåg
Kalvåg was right at the heart of the incredibly rich herring fisheries in the 1950s, the population increasing many times over during the winter season.
Today there is a modern fish preserving factory, and some of the old sea houses are now museums, restaurants, pubs or shops, or have been refurbished and are let out to visitors during the summer. A few are still in their original use as home base and store rooms for the local fishermen.
fabric print aa in lofoten Fabric print # 205 Å in Lofoten
When driving southwest across the islands of Lofoten, crossing bridges and through underwater tunnels to get from one island to the next, you will ultimately have to stop at Å, which is situated at the very end of the road. Like many other places in Lofoten, this fishing village is a charming mixture of the traditional way of living and catering to the summer time tourists.
fabric print aalesund Fabric print # 206 Ålesund
For most of the coastal towns, trading in fish has been a very important growth factor. The center of Ålesund is packed with warehouses where buying and selling fish used to be the most important activity. Over the years, the handling of the fish has moved out of the town center to more modern and spacious facilities. The warehouses along the canals have mostly kept their special seafront facades, but have gotten new inner lives as shops, offices, restaurants, bars, and hotels.
Fabric print Bergen Fabric print # 207 Bergen
'Bryggen' (the Wharf) in Bergen is a series of Hanseatic Commercial buildings, the oldest existing ones dating back to 1702, when even older ones were destroyed in a fire.
Traders here bought fish from all along the coast, and from Bergen it was exported to mainland Europe.
Bryggen is a Unesco World Heritage Site
Fabric print # 208 Trondheim
Old wharf storehouses on the bank of the river Nidelva that flows through the centre of Trondheim. Most of the houses were constructed during the 18th to the 20th century and were originally used for loading and unloading goods from ships on the canal, and as storage houses for the merchants of Trondheim. Today many of the wharf houses have been restored and turned into apartments, restaurants or shops. Some of the wharves still look as they have done from the start.

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