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Banner for Torvmyrane

School Banner 110 x 150 cm

The members of the committee ordering this banner were intrigued by the prospects opened up by the possibility of printing directly on fabric, and were open to designs utilising this technique.
Our mutual concern was the fading, as they had planned for the banner to hang in the assembly area of the school, where there were several windows facing south.
As I was not able to start making the banner right away due to other commissions, we agreed to wait for a testing of the new pigment based ink before making the final decision.

design for banner for Torvmyrane The fading test turned out very well in favour of the pigment based ink, and after several rounds we decided on the design shown to the left.
Since there are some white elements, I could not print it on the blue (very expensive) silk that was planned for the rest of the banner, so decided to print the whole front side on white Pima cotton. The text was to be appliqued later as there was also going to be text appliqued on the back side of the banner.
Part of the process of designing the banner is shown on the "Quilts and Computers" pages.

The banner had to be divided into panels to accomodate the width of the printer. Also, I needed to find the blue colour that would be as similar to the silk colour as possible, so I printed several colour tests, and adjusted the background colour according to my finds. After finding a very close match, I did some small test prints of the banner, and found I could not use the closest blue match after all because it made the yellow - blue gradation too green, so I had to compromise and go for a lesser match.

banner in a grid testing for exact colour

Then it was on to making fabric sheets and printing all the 17 panels.
After printing and setting time they were soaked in the bathtub to remove chemicals, and then dried and ironed.

printing the banner washing the prints

Then all the panels were sewed into five long strips, and the strips were joined to make up the front side. The letters for the text were printed separately, and then appliqued onto the front side and the back side.

sewing the panels together sewing panels into long strips

The finished banner can be seen below. It was finished in April, and delivered in early May 2004

finished banner front side finished banner detail

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