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Winter Fishing

Wallhanging 30'' x 30''

Cod fishing old picture Forde Junior storm in the Barent Sea
These two pictures were the starting point for this quilt. The one to the left has the title "Cod Fishing" in Bremanger Fiskarkvinnelag's collection, and the picture is taken in the 1920ies.
The picture to the right is taken in January in the late 1980ies and shows a modern long liner in stormy weather in the Barent Sea.
Fishing has always been, and still is, a tough profession, but there is a huge difference between the everyday life of the fishermen to the left and the ones on board the boat to the right. For one thing: the ones to the left could never have done any fishing in weather conditions such as we see to the right.

Storm at Sea four blocks Taking the clue from the weather in the newer picture, I decided to use the Storm at Sea block pattern to make this quilt. It is a pattern that goes well with only two colours.

I decided to use the first picture for one set of pieces, and the second picture for the other set of pieces.

Storm at Sea first picture Storm at Sea second picture

Storm at Sea all pieces together
When putting the two sets of pieces together, they would look like this.
All pieces were printed separately on fabric using Bubble Jet Set to set the colours, and were pieced together to make the quilt seen below.

Winter Fishing detail of photo quilt

The quilt was machine pieced and machine quilted all over with a wavy pattern.
I called it "Winter Fishing" because that was what they were doing in both pictures.
The Quilt was exhibited at NQT (NOrdic Quilt Meeting) in Oslo 2003

It has also been selected for the exhibition 'The Image and the Quilt', which will hang in the Primedia Gallery in Golden, Colorado from 2nd Nov. 04 till 28th Jan 05.

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