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Berle Church
Banners and hangings for the pulpit, lectern, and the baptismal font.
the good shepherd
Banner: "The Good Shepherd"
110 x 170 cm
Banner: "Ten Bridal Maids"
110 x 170 cm
The motifs for the two banners are taken from two of Jesus' parables: The good shepherd leaving the 99 sheep behind to go looking for the one lost sheep, and the ten bridal maids waiting for the arrival of the groom, five are prepared, but the other five are not.

When "building" the background for the bridal maids I was almost tempted to stop before it was quite finished, as the pieces created some interesting forms on my design wall. Go HERE to have a look.
Lectern hanging: "Grapes"
40 x 60 cm
Pulpit hanging: "Ears of Grain"
45 x 65 cm
Hanging for the Baptismal font:
"Dove"    30 x 40 cm
These five banners and hangings were planned, designed and sewed over a period of 3-4 years. Such projects tend to have a long time in the planning, as they need to be approved of by many different church officials, and it is a good thing that there should be as much agreement as possible.

The last stitches were put in in January 2002, and they were hung in time for the 25th anniversary for the church building, which was celebrated on Whitsunday 2002.

Below are two pictures showing the interior of the church.
inter2 interior1

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