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'Blue Night'

Blue Night sewing in a frame

I wanted to try the small pieces collage technique we used in Edmund Cluett's class on a larger piece of work.
Many years ago I saw Dirkje Van der Horst-Beetsma demonstrate how she sewed small pieces fabric collage, so I decided to try out her method using an embroidery frame with a metal spring.
Blue Night sewing 2

My idea was a winter scene; a single window in a lonely house being the only source of light and warmth in a dark wood.
On a foundation, approximately 60 x 60 cm, which would be the finished size, I marked the contour of the house plus roughly the areas of light on the snow.
Blue Night sew3

Then I started to fill out the foundation with light and dark patches.
Blue Night sew4

The house was sewn out of strips and attached later. Here I am trying out the size.
The window had to be much smaller than I thought at first, - this is too big.
Blue Night finished quilt

I saved the fabrics with stars and dots for the sky, and also decided to add a dark blue border before I quilted squiggly tree branches and vertical tree trunks on both sides of the house.

The quilt is now part of the European Quilt Association's Suitcase Collection 2006

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