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Liturgical textiles for Frøya Church, Kalvåg.

The purple series
Below are the chasuble, front and back, and hangings for the pulpit and lectern.

(The green series can be seen here )
(Red and white textiles on this page )
purple chasuble back view
Chausuble back
purple chasuble front view
Chausuble front

Hanging for lectern
purple hanging for lectern closed flaps  purple hanging for pulpit open flaps
Hanging for pulpit

The hanging has three dimensional flaps which can change the motif of the hanging when buttoned in different directions.
When buttoned in the center, the motif is an hour glass, and when all the flaps are buttoned outwards, there is a star with a cross in the centre.
presenting the purple church textiles
The purple series was used in the church for the first time on the 4th December, in time for the 140th anniversary of the church building, which was on Dec. 11th 2005
vicar fastening the hanging for the pulpit
The priest is fastening the pulpit hanging.

Go here to see the green series for this church.
Go here for red and white hangings for this church.

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