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Shape and Colour of Ice

The weather had been mild and rainy through January and February, and then King Winter decided to give us our due of snow and frost in March.

ice on creek The creek next to our house started freezing over.
creek with ice ice on creek close
ice on creek close

Lots of interesting shapes.

On the closeups one begins to see other colours than white or gray.

To see which colours they are, one small part of the photo (the area behind the red rectangle on the photo to the left below) was enlarged 1200 percent. The result can be seen to the right below. It reminds me very much of my colour choice for the first Bargello quilt I made.
No surprise perhaps that these are called COLD colours.
ice on creek ice pixelated

At this time of the year the sun is back, and in the low sun in the afternoon, the patterns of the rain that had frozen on top of a white painted wooden railing became visible.
ice feathers ice feathers close up
ice fantasy ice fantasy 2

Curious how the liquid water suddenly transforms into organic shapes when it becomes solid. One could easily imagine these were feathers, or brackens, - there is even a young bracken still curled up. Lots of interesting shapes here.

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