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Helen Langer


Helen Langer made this Kameleon Quilt in patriotic colours. Her husband Will writes:

'My wife, Helen, ordered one of your quilt designs and has just completed it in a 25 X 25-inch square. She is giving it to an Auction to be held for our local Children's Hospital. She has called it "Celebration". Thought you might like to see this small quilt prepared by her. '

Let's hope for a lot of money for the hospital.

helens quilt helen's quilt in a different look

Helen has taken the flap idea one step further, and used it to make a quillow.

helen langer quillow with flaps
This is what she writes in her email:

Dear Eldrid,

I have taken your design and adapted it to make a pillow to hold a quilted lap robe. It is called a Quillow. The pointed flaps fold onto the back of the square pillow and are fastened with a button and elastic cord the same as in your design. In this case the flaps can go on the front or the back of the Quillow and each set of flaps has different colors on their front and back, so there are lots of combinations.
There are 4 flaps and you can use any two at a time. So, if the yellow flaps were to be folded back under, but the top and bottom flaps are left in place, you get the picture in the upper right. With all four flaps not connected, just to show what the base pillow look like, is the picture in the lower right. The lower left picture is taken with the top and bottom flaps folded behind.
There is a Velcro opening across the middle on one side to allow the insertion of the original lap robe into the Quillow
Thought you might like to see another version of the design.
Helen Langer

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