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Julie in Idaho tells the story about her quilt

''I was a new quilter - only quilting about 6 months - when my husband Glen and I went to a quilt show in Emmett, Idaho.
We saw a Kameleon ''Day and Night'' quilt and were intrigued by it. Later when Glen asked me why I didn't buy the pattern, I knew he was really interested in it.
I was thinking I could never do such a complicated quilt. I looked up the vendor “Two Sisters” a few weeks later and went in and looked at the quilt again.

My mother is also a quilter, and I was trying to explain it to her. She couldn't conceptualize a quilt that could change colors after completion. She came to visit me that summer and again we visited the Two Sisters quilt store. I showed her the quilt and bought the pattern.
Excited now to try this, we went home and studied the directions. The next day found Glen, my mother, and I at the fabric store making fabric choices. Red and black have been “our theme” for a while so we started there. Choices made - we hurried home ready to begin.
Kameleon Quilt made by Julie in Idaho
Kameleon Quilt made by Julie in Idaho We were an ambitious lot. We looked at the strip quilting method and decided constructing the quilt that way. We could get two Kameleon quilts out of the fabric - one would be in reverse gradations.

We assembled all the base blocks for 2 quilts, and cut the flaps for one. The flaps were daunting for me.
Even after figuring out the best way to tackle them, I kept procrastinating.

The next summer my mother visited again, and she encouraged me to finish the flaps.
Then the flaps needed to be quilted, again I procrastinated until another visit from my mother was coming up. I finished the quilting of the flaps, and while she was here we assembled the quilt and marked it for quilting. I was on a roll and got the quilting done.
Next came button selection. I could not find buttons I liked and was reluctant to do fabric covered buttons but finally chose them as the best option. I enlisted the help of my daughter Jordanne, age 5, and she really enjoyed helping me cover the buttons. I sewed them on an the quilt was finally complete.

It took almost two years from start to finish.

It was a real challenge but I really feel like I have accomplished something. I think I was naive to even attempt this project, but I am happy with my results. My mother is proud of what I have done and is entering my quilt in a quilt show in my home town in NY next week.
I'm currently starting the flaps for the second quilt, and am anxious to see how it will turn out.

Thank you for making such an interesting design and pattern, I've learned a lot''.


Julie just wrote me again telling me that this quilt won 1st place viewer's choice for small quilts at the Tug Hill Quilters Quilt Show in Lowville, New York in September 2004.

Congratulations, Julie!!!

kameleon quilt in reverse colours New!!
Julie has now finished her reverse coloured quilt. Go here to see the two side by side.

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