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Nine Patch Kameleon

..made by Yvon Leuw, The Netherlands.

This is actually one of the most impressive Kameleon Quilts I have seen. The fabric colours are absolutely glowing, and I also think Yvon's story below adds to the glow.

I thought I could see from the picture below that the quilt was hand quilted, so I asked Yvon about that. Here is what she wrote to me:

'Yes I quilted it by hand and without a quiltring...
Since I had an accident I can't work with a ring, my hands won't let me. For years I couln't quilt by hand but now I found a way to quilt without a ring so I am glad that the kameleon was the first quilt I quilted by hand....

It took a year because I must stop every ten minutes to let my hands rest a while... but I love quilting by hand now. If you look , you can see in the quilt that in some parts the stiches are not small enough but at the end I succeeded in small stiches. I don't mind because I can see the progress in my quilting....'

Well, I was not able to see anything amiss with the quilting anywhere. I am just so impressed with anyone who quilts by hand, and not least the Kameleon quilts with all their layers. That is an achievement in itself.

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