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Banner for Torvmyrane

View from Brandsøyåsen To the left you can see the view from Torvmyrane, both a place and the name of the school in a new residential area in Florø, a small town on the west coast of Norway. Torvmyr is the Norwegian word for peat bog, and peat was dug in this area earlier.
When I was approched by a committee to make a banner for the school and the area, I was given some key words, and bog cotton, a typical plant of peat bogs, was the one I chose to start working from first.
photographing bog cotton I started by picking some bog cotton and photographing them against different backgrounds and in different lighting. Then I picked some of the pictures to work with on the computer, or, at this stage, I rather think of it as "playing" with the photos.
One of the photos, which had an orange background, I made circular and put on some shading so it would resemble the sun, or a glowing ball. I used Corel Photo Paint for this. bog cotton against the sun

bog cotton on orange background
Behind this circular picture I put a square filled with a yellow-to-orange conical colour blend. I liked the look of the glowing aura around the "ball". This was done in Corel Draw.
One piece of advice I try to follow when playing like this is: SAVE AS!! At every stage you like what you see: SAVE AS under different file names.
I compare this process to the brainstorming process when you are writing, every thought around a subject is written down, and then you can go back and organize and take your pick.
When playing along like this, it is also hard to go back and duplicate what you have done if the picture should suddenly go bad, so saving is always a good idea. Whatever you don't use, can be deleted later.

bog cotton

This picture was the starting point for some of the landscape textures on the finished banner. I used the magic wand in Corel Photo Paint to mask and delete single colours and groups of colours in the picture.

bog cotton masked 1
bog cotton masked 2

bog cotton mask on background

To the left two masked off variations have been put together on a background of two layered rectangles, - just to see how it would look like, - now I am back in the Draw program again.

On the photo below a similar masking procedure is applied to remove the snow from the landscape so that only a "landscape structure" is left.

>landscape with snow

landscape after snow has been deleted

On the first picture below some of the experiments above are put together into something that begins to resemble the final product.
To the right is the final result, complete with playing children and text. This is the graphic that was printed onto fabric. Compare to the photo at the top of the page, which was also part of the inspiration.

Look at the Bubble Jet Set pages to learn more about how the printing of this project was done.

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