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Click on the pictures below to get a larger picture and more details.
Kaleidoscope quilt with cat fabrics
Kaleidokatt (Kaleido cat)
Positive and negative Applique 'Fiskefusk 1'
Fiskefusk 1 (Fish Fraud 1)
Pieced and appliqued 'Druer 2'
Druer 2 (Grapes 2)
Applique 'Blomster til Marta'
Blomster til Marta (Flowers for Marta)
See also quilts from this period listed in the following categories:
Dove, one of the hangings in Berle Church
Church Textiles
Stained Glass Quilt 'Maple Leaves'
Stained Glass quilts
Latest Bargello quilt
Bargello Quilts
quilts made with bubble jet set for photo transfer
Quilts made with Bubble Jet Set 2000
Chameleon Quilt no 3 'Nine-patch Chameleon'
Kameleon Quilts

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