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Gallery 2006


Approx 40 x 50 cm (16'' x 20'')

Sewn after a photograph of a painting by Karl Seim
You can see more about this quilt here.
blue night

'Blue Night'
60 x 60 cm (24'' x 24'')

Fabric collage made of 2 cm (3/8'') squares .

Go here to see how the quilt was made.

The quilt is now part of the European Quilt Association's Suitcase Collection 2006

Below are hangings for lectern and pulpit in the red and white series.
Made for Frøya Church, Kalvåg, finished March 2006.

red lectern hanging white lectern hanging white pulpit hanging

A series of smaller quilts. Freehand machine applique and quilting on a black background fabric. Approximately A4 size.

Large quilt in two panels commissioned for a new sports hall. Hanging together, the two panels measure approx. 2,75 m x 1,65 m.

Have a closer look here.


Small photo quilt 37 cm x 24 cm
Closer look.

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