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"Reise, reiser, reist"
(Going, going, gone)

The challenge on the Scandinavian Art Quilt list was to create a piece measuring one square meter using mostly fabrics you had either dyed yourself, or created in other ways.
I chose to create fabric from pictures using BJS 2000.
The inspiration for this quilt came from a collection of old photographs, collected and owned by the local branch of the "Union of Fishermen's Wives".
The pictures show how people lived and worked around here in earlier years, and this quilt is the first in a series where I plan to use these photos.

This particular piece is inspired by a photo from 1910-20 with the title "Travelling". The photo shows three women on the quay waiting for the boat, one of them has a bag and is obviously going somewhere. On and near the quay there are several boat houses. The picture can be seen in part on one of the detail pictures below, I have sort of "glued" it to the wall.

I was intrigued by the face of one of the women, and wanted to use this as the major part of the quilt. I scanned the picture, and the part with the face got a very low resolution and was then enlarged to about 45 x 60 cm to achieve a chequered effect. It was "cut" into 12 squares, each one was given a different shade of red and then all were printed onto fabric and sewn togehter.

I photographed an old weather-worn red-painted wall, the same colour as the old boathouses behind the women probably would be. I enlarged one wooden board and printed several copies of different selections and sewed together to surround the face.
In between I placed rows of old photographs of ferries and other boats used for travelling. In these parts of the country travelling by boat was the only option for people living on the islands and along the fjords, so "Fylkesbaatane", our local ferry company, has a long history, and I have printed the name (logo) on one of the wooden boards. (see detail picture below). The black and white photos of the boats I made halfway transparent and printed onto various blue fabrics, - a few batics, checkered, flowered, etc, just to see the different effects. Some of these can be seen on this page in closer detail.
Here is the original photo "glued" to the wall. I did that on the computer before printing out the "wooden board".
Here you can see the logo of "Fylkesbaatane" on the wooden wall, - all weather-worn. This was also done on the computer before printing.
The piece was quilted with two sets of concentric circles, just like rings in the water.

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