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All the quilts below have pictures printed on fabric in them.

This quilt is called "Reise, reiser, reist" (Going, going, gone) and is about travelling and things that are gone. To read more about this quilt and see some details, go here.

The quilt was part of a group challenge on the Scandinavian Art Quilt list.

Winter Fishing photo quilt

"Winter Fishing"

This is the second quilt in the series based on the old photographs collected by Bremanger Fiskarkvinnelag. It is meant to show the contrast between then and now. Go here for a closer look.
The quilt was selected for the exhibition 'The Image and the Quilt', which hung in the Primedia Gallery in Golden, Colorado from 2nd Nov. 04 till 28th Jan 05.
Our share of the silver photo quilt

"Our Share of the Silver"
Here is the third quilt in the same series. It is based on a photo of three women taking part in the seasonal cod fishing on our fjord sometime in the 1920ies.
Read more about the process of making this quilt.

Banner for Torvmyrane

"Banner for Torvmyrane"

The whole front side of this banner has been printed on cotton fabric. The letters have been printed separately and then appliqued by machine.
Read more about how the banner was made.

"In My Heart"
This is one of the Kameleon Quilts where I used photos on fabric to show what was inside the heart.
Go here to see how the heart transforms from closed to completely open.
Pattern for sale.
Bodil This quilt was made for my sister's 50th birthday. To have a closer look, go to this page.

Pattern for sale.

This is the first quilt I made with BJS. It was made for a friend in June 2000. See a larger picture here.

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