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Fugl eller fisk eller midt imellom
(Bird or fish or something in between)

170 x 200 cm
Machine pieced and machine quilted
fuglfiskbuild The quilt, which is inspired by one of M.C. Escher's pictures, was drafted and coloured in on graph paper first.

All the 5 cm (2") pieces were then cut and pinned one by one on to the design wall. By this time I had the wall covered with fabric with a 2" grid on it, which made the process a lot easier. It was now possible to see which row I was on, even though I had my pieces on point, so I could build one figure at a time.

The wall (and the finished quilt) is much taller than me, so I had to stand on a step-ladder to do the part at the top.
fuglfiskbuild2 This process took several days, and I had to go to the shop three times to buy more pins (and as a result I now have a fairly good supply).
I didn't dare to let the pieces hang without pins as some would blow off the wall each time someone passed it in a hurry (not me, I would stop and look every time I went through). Imagine the horror of having to redo all of it if a wind blew through the house.

During this process the fabric choices were evaluated continously, and quite a few pieces had to be replaced by a different fabric. I still have a box full of 5 cm squares waiting to be part of a scrap quilt some time.
fugl eller fisk At last the squares were sewn into diagonal rows, and the rows joined to complete the top.
It is quilted by machine in a wavy pattern.
In the center a set of dotted quilting lines form a deer-like figure. This is a copy of a rock-carving found in Vingen here in Bremanger.
Together with the birds and the fish, the quilting lines complete the theme "Fur, Feather and Fin", which was the theme for Ascot in 1995
fugl eller fisk detail Detail

Here you can see the quilted rock-carving-pattern.

I had visited the rock-carving site just before I made this quilt, and the guide told us that if we were to look for undiscovered carvings, we should look for rows of dots in the rocks, not smooth lines.
Very logical, when you think about how they were made.

That's why I quilted dotted lines.

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