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Mid nineties

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These are a few of the quilts I made during the years 1994-1997
fugl eller fisk
Fugl eller Fisk eller midt imellom
1995     170 x 200 cm
Fugl eller Fisk eller midt imellom
(Bird or Fish or Something in Between)

This quilt was finished in 1995 and it was exhibited at The National Patchwork Championships at Ascot, UK, the same year. Click on the picture to see how the quilt was made, absolutely no shortcuts on this one.
Fisk (Fish)
1997     40 x 60 cm
Fisk (Fish)

This quilt is the result of a "Sea and Sand"-theme challenge in our local guild. We were given one strip of blue and one of sandy fabric, and added what we wanted to create something associated with this theme.
We planned to show all the quilts on a local beach, hanging on poles, but in the end the weather did not cooperate, so we had to hang them inside.
ormen lange
Bargello Quilts
Go to the Bargello Quilt Page to see the bargello quilts, of which nearly all were made during this period.

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