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In My Heart

Kameleon Quilt no 4
Wallhanging 27''x 18''

I made this quilt for my husband's 50th birthday. It is supposed to say something about our relationship and how it has developed over the years.
I also think this might be relevant to relationships in general.
In My Heart closed The heart is closed.
In My Heart open We meet and we fall in love. The heart suddenly opens and is in full bloom.
In My Heart one picture It does not take long to conquer the first little corner of my heart.
This is also the first picture he gave me when he was just 17, still in it's original cardboard frame, but quite stained over the years.
In My Heart two pictures A new room opens, - deeper in the heart.
In My Heart three openings and four pictures Not all the rooms open the same way, it takes both patience and persistence, and they are layered, so it has to be done in the right sequence as well...
In My Heart all open and all pictures ...till at last all the rooms down to the bottom corner are open and filled.
On both sides of the heart are log cabin blocks made in the courthouse steps manner to remind us that homes and relationships don't just happen, they have to be built.

I have also written a pattern for this quilt, which is for sale now.

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