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Nine Patch Kameleon

Kameleon Quilt no 3
Wallhanging 21''x 21''

The "Nine Patch Kameleon" is really a smaller version of the "Night and Day" quilt, and works in the same way, as can also be seen in the animated version. The main differences are the size, the number of blocks and triangles, and that it is made with nine patch blocks

Nine Patch Kameleon showing purple sides of triangles

Buttoned so that only purple sides of triangles show.
Nine Patch Kameleon showing pink sides of triangles

Buttoned so that only pink sides of triangles show
Nine Patch Kameleon all triangles inwards

All triangles are buttoned towards the center.
Nine Patch Kameleon all triangles outwards

All triangles buttoned out towards the edges.
Nine Patch Kameleon triangles forming a diagonal pattern

Triangles buttoned so that they form a diagonal pattern.

Nine Patch Kameleon detail

Detail of the Nine Patch Kameleon

Since this quilt has only 9 blocks and consequently 24 triangles, the possible variations are not so many as with the "Night and Day" quilt. However, there are as many as 16777216 possible variations, so you can still be able to play for a while.
There is now a pattern for this quilt.

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