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Simple Kameleon

Kameleon Quilt no 5
Wallhanging 24'' x 24''

This quilt was made as a teaching sample, and is the one I demonstrate in HGTV's 'Simply Quilts' episode #1116.
The quilt is a simpler and easier version of the Kameleon Quilt no 1 'Night and Day'. It has fewer and smaller blocks with less fabrics, the flaps have only one fabric on each side, so it is a lot less work and easy to make, and a great project for learning this technique.
Simple Kameleon quilt night view 'Night' view with purple sides of flaps.
Simple Kameleon quilt almost day Here it is almost 'Day', - some of the flaps show their pink sides.
Kameleon quilt no 5 'Simple Kameleon' All the flaps turned outwards like the petals of a flower.
Kameleon Quilt no 5 'Simple Kameleon' diagonal The flaps turned upwards or to the left, creating a diagonal pattern.

I have also written a pattern for this quilt.

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