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Quilts and Computers

When designing and making quilts, computers can be a very helpful tool in many ways.

Before a picture can be printed onto fabric there often is some editing to do. For this I use Corel Photo Paint (photo editor) and Corel Draw (vector based drawing program).
The picture below is from the reverse side of the "Kaleidokatt" -quilt and shows some of the pictures that were printed on fabric. Click on the picture to read more about the process.

Photo of cat manipulated on a computer and printed on fabric
Follow this link to see what has been done with a couple of these pictures before printing.

banner for Torvmyrane

This graphic was printed on fabric to make a banner for Torvmyrane Skule.
Click on the picture to see how some photos were worked on during the initial process.

On the Bubble Jet Set pages there is more about the printing process.

When designing a quilt which consists of ordinary blocks or geometrical shapes, I often use the QuiltPro program, which is specifically set up to design patchwork quilts or applique.
The advantages of this program above the "ordinary" drawing programs are among other things the many preset grids which are easy to load and use (i.e. square, isometric, circle etc..), many drawing tools designed to draw the most common shapes of patchwork pieces, a rotary cutter which can be used the same way in the program as in reality (for instance if you need only half a block, cut the whole block in two separate pieces), lots of predesigned blocks ready to use, same with real fabrics, and you can also make your own, etc..etc..

To write patterns I now use both programs to take advantage of the strong features in each of them. But it is also quite possible to use only one or the other.
When I wrote the pattern for Kameleonquilt no 1 "Night and Day" all of the pattern pieces and illustrations were drawn in QuiltPro, which worked well, I think.

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