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In June 2005 I was able to attend a weekend workshop with Edmund Cluett. The photos show the kind of projects we made.
The bowl to the left below is 6'' by 8'', and the landscape is about the same size.

large bowl Grotle1 landscape collage

We got some ideas for sorting and storing scraps, and he explained his system for selecting colours for his works.
To practice this method I later made a collection of smaller bowls, and another version of the landscape (below).

I also found that this technique was ideal for doing something about the mushroom photos I had taken earlier. The results can be seen here.

An interesting way to work, which can be developed further.
6 smaller bowls     Grotle 2 landscape collage

I receive quite a lot of enquiries about where to find Edmund Cluett's work on the internet these days. Sadly, he abandoned his website around 2008, and many internet searches bring people to this page instead.

There is one way to possibly be able to see some of his work still, and that is to use the internet archives, or the so called "Way Back Machine".
Type http://edmundcluett.com into the search field, and you will bring up a calendar with some dates marked where the machine has stored some parts of his website. Any hits after 2008 will bring you to a musician, who took over the domain after "our" Edmund Cluett abandoned it.

Best of luck!

I have documented the progress of some of my earlier projects which are now up in the Gallery section. Just follow the links below to take a look.

"Blue Night", a quilt using the collage technique shown above.

Bargello quilt 'The Long Serpent'

The quilt 'Bird or Fish or Something in Between'

Church hanging 'Ten Bridal Maids'

Work in progress previously on this page:
(now finished)

Banner for Hauge Skule

"Our Share of the Silver"
One of a series of photo quilts based on old photos from a Norwegian fishing village.

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