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Home Harbour 1
approx. 29 cm x 21 cm (2007)

Photo printed on handpainted fabric.
Quilted with invisible thread.
This A4 size quilt is part of the European Quilt association's suitcase exhibition "My Country" for 2007-2008.
Struen 1
approx. 22 cm x 15 cm (2007)

Photo from the group of old sea houses in Struen, Bremanger. Photo has been digitally enhanced and placed on a new background using photo editing software. Both the main motif and the background is printed on white cotton fabric.
Quilted with invisible thread.
The two quilts above inspired the design of a series of fabric prints depicting coastal scenes from Norway. These prints are for sale.

See all the fabric prints here.

Order fabric prints here.

approx 21 x 27 inches

Photos digitally enhanced and printed on fabric, combined with commercially printed fabrics.
Across Nordkalotten
approx. 28 x 33 inches

Photos on fabric.

Made to order for my youngest sister as a memory of our trip across Nordkalotten in the summer of 2007.

Go here for more details.
Decorative Mist
approx 13 x 15 inches

One of my fabric panels combined with handpainted borders and quilted with silver metallic thread.

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