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Kameleon Quilts

Kameleon Quilts are quilts with three-dimensional parts which can be flipped one way or the other and thus change the look of the quilt

Kameleon Quilt no 1 "Night and Day" in the "night-look".

Kameleon Quilt no 1

"Night and Day" has 60 three-dimensional triangles inserted between the blocks and between the blocks and borders.
Each triangle can be flipped from side to side showing alternately it's pink or purple side, and revealing more or less of the green and orange blocks.
Click here to see a few of the many possible looks of this quilt, or go directly to an animated version to get an impression of how it works.

Kameleon Quilt no 2

"Christmas lasts till Easter" shows three completely different flower motifs as the flaps are buttoned in different ways
This is the poinsettia-look
Here are crocuses and snowdrops
Click here to have a closer look at this quilt.
On this page there is an animated version.

Chameleon Quilt no 3 Nine Patch Kameleon

Kameleon Quilt no 3

The "Nine Patch Kameleon" has 9 nine patch blocks, and only 24 triangles. It works in the same way as the "Night and Day" quilt above.

Go here to see more pictures of this quilt.
At this page the animated version shows some of the possible variations of this 3 x 3 block quilt.

Kameleon Quilt no 4

"In My Heart" shows a closed heart in this picture.
Go here to see how the heart opens and reveals it's content.

Kameleon quilt no 5 'Simple Kameleon'

Kameleon Quilt no 5
as seen on 'Simply Quilts'

'Simple Kameleon' is an easy-to-make version of the 'Night and Day'.
Go here to see more pictures.

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